For thousands of years, nobody has been sure what happens after people die, but it turns out the answer could lie in the hands of a three year old boy from the Middle East. The child- a member of the Druze ethnic group who live in a region near the border of Syria and Israel- insisted to his elders that he knew what had happened to him in his past life and even led them to his old village!

The child’s incredible account was recorded in a book called “Children Who Have Lived Before” by German therapist Trutz Hardo. He explains that as soon as the three year old boy could speak, he began to insist that he had been murdered in his former life. He was born with a sharp, thin, red birthmark on his head. A remnant- he claimed- of a savage axe blow to the head inflicted by a neighbour.

The amazing story was uncovered by an Israeli doctor called Eli Lasch and told to Trutz Hardo. Dr. Lasch also explained that the child’s elders took his claims seriously and led him to a nearby village where the child insisted that the murder took place. After travelling through several villages, he found one that looked familiar. He insisted he also remembered the first and last name of his murderer.

Turning around, he then saw a man he’d never met before, but told him his name. This- he insisted- was the murderer who had killed him with an axe. He walked up to the man and said, “Aren’t you ‘so and so’? The man answered yes. Then the boy said, “I used to be your neighbour. We had a fight and you killed me with an axe.”

The doctor said that the man went white as a sheet. But that isn’t the weirdest part of the story!

The boy then announced: “I even know where he buried my body.” What’s more, he was right. The toddler led the village elders to the exact spot not far from the village. It was a solitary pile of stones. When they moved the stones they found a body with damaged skull. The split in the skull almost exactly matched the birthmark on the child’s head. He also found the spot that the axe was buried too, again under a pile of stones.

With the evidence stacked against him, the accused killer confessed his crime! This isn’t the only account of a child remembering their past life: Hardo’s book is filled with amazing accounts from reliable witnesses. But this is the only example of a child going back to convict their own killer after coming back to life! Share if you think this is the coolest- and spookiest- story ever.

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