Thousands of donors who contributed more than $100,000 to Roy Ngerng’s charity fund are asking for their money back.

This after the CPF blogger heckled special needs children at Hong Lim Park on Sept. 27, 2014.

The donors, who initially gave willingly to Ngerng to shield him from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s legal advances, said they did not expect their money to be used for unruly means and intimidation.

Kong Chee Kim, a Singaporean said: “We didn’t give Roy Ngerng money so he can disturb children. We want our money back. Return my donation! Return my donation!”

To demand their money back, other donors said they will be rallying together to organise their own Hong Lim Park protest in a few weeks’ time against Roy Ngerng.

Called ReturnOurDonation, the aim is to call attention to the lack of transparency and accountability in the way Ngerng has handled their donations.

However, to pull off the Return Our Donation rally, the donors who want their money back will also be launching a donation drive of their own to raise money to start the rally.

The Return Our Donation rally organisers said they will be transparent and accountable with how they handle the donations.

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