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I am going to come right out and say this. If my daughter, Faith, who has autism, or any of my kids, had been on stage performing that day at the YMCA event, and Roy Ngerng, Han Hui Hui and gang came over to disrupt the proceedings, I would have taken their signs and placards and shoved the lot up their collective arses.

I don't care what your cause is. You can protest in your own time and your own space. In fact, NParks gave you your own space, the other lawn, at another part of the park. But noooooo, you wanted to target the minister who was attending the event as a guest of honour.

Was Minister of State Teo Ser Luck speaking at a CPF symposium at Hong Lim Park? No, it was a charity carnival for special needs kids by an organization that has absolutely nothing to do with the Gahmen.

Well, you mess with a bunch of special needs kids performing at a charity event, and it will get personal. I am making it personal.

You are not crusaders. You are not freedom fighters. You are not defenders of the downtrodden, Roy and Hui Hui.

As of now, you are a bunch of insensitive wankers who will do anything to get attention, even if it means scaring special needs kids with your antics.

I will leave you with a comment made by a YMCA volunteer about the debacle. I hope you are proud of yourselves, Roy & Co.

Roy Ngerng, on your blog, you even called your farcical event "The Most Groundbreaking Protest in Singapore since 1965".

Buddy, you flatter yourself. People in Hong Kong are getting tear-gassed fighting for democracy. You merely went to a charity carnival and upset some special needs kids.

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