The heckling was uncalled for. The waving of the Singapore flag was shameful and self-righteous. It does not in any way make their cause larger than the other.

The ascribing of erroneous identities to a voluntary welfare organisation borders on hysteria and demonstrates a severe lack of comprehension of the realities. Clearly, these are deluded and unfounded accusations. The state made them victims, but their self-righteousness turned them into bullies. Their mentalities, behaviour and words have distracted many from the issue, a pertinent issue nonetheless. Irresponsible and calculated move that does the issue and the livelihood and predicament of ordinary Singaporeans no justice.

Unfortunately, YMCA was the victim of symbolic violence perpetrated by Roy and Hui Hui in the name of the Singapore flag and speaking up for Singaporeans.

My father is a coffee shop runner and my mother is a part time cleaner. They do not have enough retirement monies in their CPF. They would like to inform Ms. Han and Mr. Ngerng that they do not need them to speak up for them and go marching around at Hong Lim Park on their behalf.

My parents are not well-educated and they are not able to write long speeches the way both of them do, but they do know how to speak up for themselves in Singapore.

Your attention on this matter would be much appreciated, Ms. Han and Mr. Ngerng. Time to come down from your self-righteous pedestal. Thank you.

Chen Jiaxi Bernard

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