After a long period of silence on her Facebook page [Link], Ang Mo Kio GRC MP Intan suddenly becomes active again in the last 2-3 days.

She also joined in with the rest of her fellow MPs (‘Suddenly MPs surface to condemn marching incident‘) to criticize the actions of the organizers for the #ReturnOurCPF event, held at Hong Lim Park yesterday (27 Sep).

She posted the following on her Facebook page today (28 Sep) at 2:42pm, saying that the actions were unjustifiable, done by those “who claimed to be carrying out a ‘peaceful protest’”:

It’s not known if she wrote this message herself or if it was her Facebook page administrator who wrote it for her.

On Thursday (25 Sep) when she broke her silence in admitting to writing an appeal letter for PRC tour guide’s PR application, she told the media that she wasn’t sure about any of the posting deletions from her Facebook page and pointed to her staff administering her page might have done so. That being the case, it follows that many of her postings may or may not have been written by her personally, since she has staff helping to “administer” her Facebook page.

It took almost 3 weeks of relentless pressure from the public to “force” MP Intan to admit. On Thursday, she said that she had written the appeal letter only at the “behest of Mdm Chung Khin Chun”.

In an earlier interview with the media, Dr Intan, who is the adviser to all the grassroots committees in her ward including Yang’s, maintained that she did not know him personally. She recalls meeting him only once at a cooking activity:

She did, however, remember Mdm Chung approaching her, asking her to help support Yang’s PR application. “She first came to see me and sought my help in May 2011… for her grandson,” said Dr Intan. “This is what she told me and I referred Mdm Chung’s request to the authorities.”

She claimed that she responded only because Mdm Chung was “a resident of my constituency and a Singaporean”.

“If Mr Yang had come to me, I wouldn’t be able to help him because he’s not a Singaporean,” she said. “What I would have told him is that you probably can apply for PR to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority directly.”

Sudden Facebook activities in last 2-3 days

Her ordeal started on 7 Sep, when she posted a picture of a groundbreaking ceremony event at her ward. Netizens, instead of talking about the groundbreaking ceremony shown in the picture, began to ask her if she had supported the PR application of Yang.

After 2 weeks of silence on the issue, she posted a message on 22 Sep, talking about some PCF grassroots event.

“Thoroughly enjoyed watching our pre-schoolers dramatize or recite their favourite stories, such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and The Little Hen… Do show your support and bring your pre-loved children’s books to any PCF centre. Thank you!”

But she continued to dodge netizens’ questions on Yang’s PR application. Then on 25 Sep, she capitulated and broke her silence, telling the media why she supported Yang’s PR application. She even posted her media interview the next day (26 Sep):

Yesterday (27 Sep), she posted another message talking about getting a new Neighborhood Centre in a new BTO project in her ward:

Today (28 Sep) at about noontime, she talked about the PCF Family Day at Universal Studios this morning:

And of course, at 2:42pm, she posted the above Facebook message joining in with the rest of the MPs to condemn the organizers of #ReturnOurCPF event.

So, is her own actions to write an appeal letter for a foreigner to apply for his PR “justifiable”?

What do you think?

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