Changi Airport will be closing down its huge open air car park at T1 in the 4th quarter of this year to make way for Lee Hsien Loong’s vanity project, Lee’s Jewel.

This will result in a shortfall of 400 parking spaces.

With the ever increasing population on this small island, and the fact that the car parks at T2 and T3 are usually full most of the time, drivers who go to the airport to send off friends or relatives will likely face a hard time getting lots.

And once you manage to secure a lot at T2, you would need to take the mini-sky train to T1.

You can of course take a train but then, due to the poor planning, there is no direct line to the airport unlike cities like Hong Kong. Worse, the frequency of the airport line at Tanan Merah is highly irregular and can hit up to 13 mins. That is assuming you reach Tanah Merah without encountering any train disruptions or breakdown.

Chaos coming up? Keep your fingers crossed.


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