Of late, there have been many incidences of lawless and reckless foreign embassy car’s drivers violating Singapore’s traffic laws and road rules.


In fact, I was surprised when one of my friend forwarded the pics that he had compiled of those incidents that happened recently, and I was shocked to see that there are many embassies’ cars totally ignoring our traffic law and order.


What makes them so bold enough to openly violate our laws, and aren’t they afraid of being summoned by our TP or Ministry of Foreign Affairs?


Are these embassies’ cars openly challenging the rule of law in Singapore?


Or they simply feel they have every privileges and rights to break our laws as and when they want to?


Wonder also whether our Singapore government will have the courage to take on these embassies, or they will adopt a low key cowardice approach in closing one eye to these law-breakers with “special privileges”?


If they can get away with such breaking our traffic law and order, what else will they think of breaking next?



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