Medical science has once again proved the unbelievable! This time, it has gone to show us that pregnancies are definitely child’s play! Lina Medina of Peru is the youngest girl in history to have ever given birth. She is the world’s youngest mother. At the time of delivery, she was five years, seven months and seventeen days old. Her parents initially believed that she had an abdominal tumor for which they took her to see a doctor. It was then revealed that she was seven months pregnant. The delivery took place on May 14th 1939 in Lima by Dr. Gerardo Lozada. Naturally, the surgery was Caesarian since Medina’s pelvis was too small for a normal birth.

Doctors revealed the condition of Lina as precocious puberty, where her reproductive organs started to develop by the age of 2.5, when she reached menarche. By the time she was examined, her reproductive system had fully matured.

World’s Youngest Mother

Medina gave birth to a baby boy who weighed 2.7 kilograms and was named Gerardo after the doctor who delivered him. Surprisingly enough for me, he lived up to the age of forty, after which he died of a bone marrow disease. According to newspapers, the boy believed Medina to be his sister until the age of ten. Moreover, Medina eventually married Raul Jurado and resided in Peru where she gave birth once again in 1972. Her pregnancy was a shock for both her family and the world, and it was determined that this pregnancy was a result of sexual abuse. Initially, Lina’s father was held captive on the charge of abuse, but was later released due to a substantial lack of evidence. To this date, she never revealed about the biological father of her child. However, the bigger picture is that she’s 79 today and she still holds the record for being the world’s youngest mother in history. Medical science can really scare you sometimes!

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