This is not a bashing thread on Fillipinos but my answers to why Singaporeans don’t like them.

3 factors.

1)Their pride is too strong.They don’t like people to point out their weakness and remind them of their humble backgrounds.

2)They let success get to their head and lost touch with humility and gratefulness. They come here and wow nonstop like they have never live in cities before and they stubbornly believe they are foreign talents when they know they are being brought in here to be cheap labours for business as well as to be use by PAP to collect their votes for political survival.

They use denial to go against Singaporeans.

3)Their chee bye evil HRs and work tactics. Lots of backstabbing and workplace politics.

They also help their own people to get jobs here by rejecting Singaporean job seekers.

Not all are bad but as long as you know the bad ones or have interact with the bad ones before you can’t blame people for hating the whole community.

Keith Lee

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