I was so pissed. I just had to share it out.

Me and my siblings just reached home today from an overseas trip. At Changi Airport taxi stand, we had a bad experience. The foreign worker (with a pinoy accent) stopped us and told us that we had too much luggage. She told us to stand one side.

We told her that we travelled with this much luggage before. Blue cabs are big enough to accommodate us. She didn’t believed us and told us to wait. She insisted that we take two cabs or wait.

We told repeated times to her that blue cabs are big enough. In fact, we travelled with this much luggage every year and never had a problem. She still refused to believe us while she signal other people in the queue to go in the cabs first. There were like several blue cabs that passed by us. We stood one side for like almost 15 mins to half an hour. More than 10-20 people passed by us.

At that point, I don’t care already since I had a migraine. I spoke in an angry tone. I told my sis just to take the blue cab if the next one come. The cab assigner heard me. She forward to us and told us that we can try to take the blue cab if we want but she do NOT think that the cab driver will accept us. She spoke in a rude and stuck-up tone. I wish I had recorded that. It’s like she didn’t believe us and believed that she’s right.

We forward to the blue cab and the cab driver accepted us.
We boarded and fitted all the luggage with no problem.

Before that, there was also another Singaporean uncle who had big boxes. That pinoy worker stopped him saying that his stuffs are too big and asked him to wait one side. The uncle don’t care and just walk pass her towards to the cab. He boarded the cab with no problem. We should’ve done that uncle in the beginning. We waited like idiots for that 15-30mins because of that incompetent and rude worker.

Before anyone accuses me of being xenophobic, let me say that I have lots of foreign friends, including pinoys. It’s just that all these years, I never had encountered something like this. It was different in the past years. Every year, the cab assigners in Changi Airport were Singaporeans. I don’t know why the cab assigners are foreigners this time round. They shouldn’t allow foreigners to work in this kind of job where you need local knowledge of what kind of cabs we have here.

Those foreign workers should not always assume they’re right. We live here and we know the place better. If we say something, don’t be so stuck-up and believe that you’re right. Most importantly, don’t be freaking rude by trying to be sarcastic.

Totally bad experience at Changi Airport taxi stand.
Time to bath to clear my mind.

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