Gu said his friend, a cabby, was assaulted after refusing to take a Caucasian man at North Canal Road at 1am on Mon (Sep 22).

The man allegedly reeked of alcohol, and turned violent when the cabby told him to flag another taxi.

The cabby was reportedly slapped and stamped on by the 1.8m tall man, who then fled the scene.

In an interview with Shin Min Daily News, the 46-year-old cabby said at that time he was tired and wanted to take a coffee and toile break before continuing to fetch more passengers.

Gu is appealing for witnesses to the incident as the identity of the man who assaulted the cabby is unknown.

A post on Gu’s facebook page shows the cabby describing the incident.

Here is what post states that the cabby said:

“The incident took place on Mon (Sep 22), at 1am in North Canal Road, near the 7-Eleven shop opposite OCBC Centre.

“I parked my vehicle at one of the parking lot along North Canal Road.

“I was intending to visit the restroom at the nearby McDonald’s along Circular Road.

“Just as I stepped out of my vehicle and locked the door, the assaulter came and tried to pry open the rear taxi door on the driver side and insisted that I drive him to Upper East Coast Road.

“I explained that I needed to visit the restroom and requested him to flag for another taxi but he turned violent and slapped me on the left side of my face.

“He reeked of alcohol in him so I decided to walk away from the scene.

“However, he pursued me and pinned me down to the floor, then stamped me on my left shin. He started using vulgarities on me and then fled the scene.

“As my shin was injured during the assault, I couldn’t give chase.

“The assaulter was a Caucasian man, roughly 1.8m tall. I declared that the report is given at the best of my knowledge and everything stated is truth.”

Gu also made an appeal on his facebook page:

“Please help to share this article with all your friends. The assaulter is still not arrested as he managed to flee the scene before authority could arrive.

“My friend is a taxi driver and if the assaulter is not apprehended, he got to pay not only the medical bills but also the rental of the taxi.

“He will not have the ability to work at the moment due to his injuries sustained during the struggle.

“Even if you don’t know the victim or the assaulter, please take five seconds of your day to click share so justice could be done to him.

“We currently have two on-scene witnesses willing to testify against him but without any name or ID, police will have problems finding him.

“His supposed drop-off location is Upper East Coast so we assume he may be living there.”

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