According to Shin Min Evening News published on 21/09/2014, widow Madam Chung has several bank accounts with more than 5 million dollars of deposit. However, court documents showed that the bank accounts were almost empty since February this year.

Court documents have revealed that Yang Yin’s combined savings in his Singapore bank accounts have grown to over a million dollars after his relocation to Singapore. It was not revealed the amount of monies that were transferred to his wife, if any, since his wife is not affected by Mareva Injunction.

Yang has requested for $4,000 to buy a bachelor’s degree in tourism management, according to widow’s relatives.

It was reported in the media that alert neighbours have warned their PAP MP Dr Intan Mokhtar about the dubious character of Yang but nothing was done and Yang remained as a grassroots leader throughout [Link: ] .

Brian Oh

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