This story happened quite a while ago about last month.

I was boarding the last train on my way home to Toa Payoh. It was a late sunday night and no one else was around except for a couple on the other side of the platform.

Just as i was messaging my friend on my handphone, i notice something at the corner of my eye. My “attention” was diverted to the water-cooler which was at the far end of the platform. I saw a white figure (who looks like that of a girl’s) hovering towards me. In fact when I looked properly, it was wearing a hooded cape and there wasn’t a face in it but just a pair of yellow eyes. It was then that i was totally rooted to the ground and broke out in cold sweat. I simply froze in terror, awaiting my death.

When the figure was about a metre away from me, I suddenly plucked up the courage to bolt out of the platform and sprinted down the steps. In the midst of it all, i dropped my handphone but i didn’t care. All that concerned me was to get out of the station as fast as my legs could carry me. When I got to the gantry, I was a little calm to see human beings there. I immediately got out of there and flagged down a taxi to get home. I was too scared to go back and take the train.

The next day when I went back to the station to ask the staff if they saw my handphone and told them what happened to me, the head officer said I was probably too exhausted and was haulicinating. Since then, I tried not to take the MRT late at night again. Those of you who have a habit of taking late or last train rides better beware.

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