By Wan Dan Liao, Straight Times

Singapore – Inspired by recent independence movements in Scotland and Catalan in Spain, residents from Aljunied Group Representative Constituency (GRC), Punggol East Single Member Constituency (SMC) and Hougang SMC have formed a steering committee to chart a road map for an independent republic, ST has learned. Its next step is to submit a formal proposal to the Elections Department to hold a referendum.

A source close to the committee shared that residents from the three Workers Party controlled estates feel they have a distinctive culture, language and social identity which sets them apart from the rest of Singapore. The preference to vote for a monkey rather than PAP-backed candidate has been a distinctive belief in Hougang area for more than 20 years is one such example.

Singaporeans could also feel they were transported into a different era when they stepped into Workers Party controlled estates. Mr Fan Dui Dang, a resident from nearby Ang Mo Kio GRC disclosed to ST, “Yes. Aljunied areas are unique because most of the HDB flats lags behind in upgrading works but residents are fitter because they climb the stairs daily.”

According to a draft document seen by ST, the steering committee has laid out plans for economy growth, cultural development, national defence strategy and even population growth.

“We will open our borders to anyone who wants to migrate to our new found republic if the referendum was approved,” our source revealed. “but we will be better than PAP. At least we will verify potential immigrants’ educational qualifications and they must pass a minimum language proficiency test, although at this point we have not decide should the language be Chinese, Teochew or English.”

The new republic will be named Republic of East Coast to thank their supporters.

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