I chanced across SMU-TCS iCity Lab and noticed that the interns are mainly PRC students:


Li Duo, Internship
CHEN Naijing, Internship
FU Yu, Internship
ZHANG Fan, Internship
LIU Zeyao, Internship
BIE Ya Qing, Internship
Dewi ZANA, Internship
LIM Quan Heng, Internship
Of the 8 interns, 6 seemed to be from PRC, except the last 2. Why don’t give more internship to our locals? What about the other nationalities?

The lab is a joint venture of SMU and an IT company from India. From its website:

SMU-TCS iCity Lab is a joint initiative where TCS’ S$6 million investment in the iCity Lab at SMU lays the foundation for the research and development of cloud-based IT solutions for intelligent cities in Asia and Worldwide. The partnership combines TCS’ industry leading IT services expertise and culture of innovation with SMU’s globally recognized excellence in research and education and for the world of business and management in both the public and private sectors.

It’s interesting to note that despite being a joint venture with an Indian company, there is not a single Indian intern but PRCs.

Internships are highly competitive due to the exposure and learning experience. So, what is the criteria for
the selection of these interns? Does being a PRC give an unfair advantage over others?

Can SMU explain the heavy concentration of PRC interns in the lab?


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