(JOHOR BARU, 19 Sep): About three busloads of Singaporeans crossed the border to watch the film ‘To Singapore, With Love‘ which has been banned in the island republic.

Singapore’s Straits Times reported that the 70-minute film profiles nine political exiles, most members or supporters of the Communist Party of Malaya, who fled Singapore and now live in Britain and Thailand.

It also said the majority in the queue were students, but a few working adults took the day off to catch the documentary being screened at the [email protected] hotel in Johor Baru, one of four cities where an annual Freedom Film Festival is being held.

Film-maker Tan Pin Pin, when asked, said she had yet to decide on if she would lodge an appeal to Singapore authorities who banned the film.

Tan was overwhelmed with the response to her film and admitted that the ban could have sparked more interest.

“When I completed the film, I was optimistic it would be screened but was saddened when I received news of the ban.

“This however will not affect my future plans and projects,” she said adding that she would continue following her instincts when it comes to film-making.

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