In a Facebook status last night (18 Sept), director Tan Pin Pin clarified that she has not given permission to any institutions to screen her banned documentary in Singapore. 
Her clarifications came after a well circulated blog post written by Yale-NUS staff that the liberal arts college is going to defy the Singapore government's authorities and defend freedom of expression by screening the banned documentary "To Singapore with Love". In the blog post, Yale-NUS President has also assured that the documentary will be screened in the campus.
The documentary "To Singapore with Love" features several political-exiles who were self-declared cadres of Communist Party of Malaya and some who had brushes with government authorities. Some of them has been in exile for nearly 50 years. Tan Pin Pin sought to show how these exiles have lived their lives away and how they still view Singapore.
The documentary was banned by media authorities as it had assessed the contents of the film undermined national security. According to the authorities, the individuals in the film have "given distorted and untruthful accounts of how they came to leave Singapore and remain outside of Singapore". It added that a number of these self-professed exiles were members or had provided support to the Communist Party of Malaya.

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