Many people are wondering why Singapore leaders don’t encourage Singaporeans to pursue degrees whereas their own children are educated in prestigious universities and foreigners are given scholarships to pursue degrees in Singapore. Sometimes I think they favor foreigners than Singaporeans. There should be harsh penalty if foreigners break the scholarship bond since they are awarded the scholarship from taxpayers money.

I can only reckon that government from around the world do not really like intellectuals who question policies. Since time immemorial, be it Qin dynasty in China, Nazi occupation or Cultural revolution, intellectuals have been persecuted. Qin Shi Huang,the first emperor of China buried scholars alive and burnt books for fear the intellectuals would question and awaken the peasants. Alas, in the end, a peasant born Liu Bang with his buddies overthrew Qin dynasty and formed the Han dynasty.

Alas, without the support of intellectuals, Qin ShiHuang’s empire collapsed when his lusty and incompetent son took over the reign. It is always easier to rule the peasant class who don’t question the policy and just accept whatever the leader implement. However without the support of intellectual class, the country will not prosper, grow and last long.

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