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The Chinese evening papers reported today (19 September 2014) that 8 persons have filed sworn affidavits in Court to refute the allegations that Yang Yin has made against them.

These 8 persons are long-time friends, relatives and former employees. They were interviewed by the Chinese paper today. They are:

(1) Madam Hedi Mok – Niece of Madam Chung. Madam Mok said her aunt knew Yang Yin in 2008 from a Beijing trip. Yang moved into the Gerald Crescent Bungalow in 2009. In 2013, Yang brought his wife and children over. Throughout the stay, Yang did not pay a single cent of rental. Madam Mok said she now leave the decision to the Court.

(2) Madam Teo – Friend of Madam Chung for over 50 years. Madam Teo, a retired teacher said she discovered Madam Chung’s bank accounts were emptied when they decided to check Madam Chung’s accounts together.

(3) Miss Linda Chen – Neighbour of Madam Chung. Linda said Madam Chung is a nice lady and she used to invite her neighbours over to her place. Ever since Yang’s arrival, the door is always locked and Madam Chung was rarely seen.

(4) Suti – former maid of Madam Chung. Suti said she has alerted Madam Chung that the kid and PRC woman living in the house were Yang’s family. But Madam Chung insisted they were Yang’s friend. Suti has previously shared with the Chinese papers that Yang made Madam Chung eat leftovers.

(5) Abdullah – former driver of Madam Chung. He follow up on Madam Chung’s case by reading the newspapers daily . He staunchly believes it was not Madam Chung’s decision to terminate him.

(6) Professor Chan – Friend of Madam Chung and an avid arts collector. He said he is aware of Yang Yin’s doings and he hopes to help his good friend Madam Chung. He is not aware that Yang has became Madam Chung’s “god-grandson”.

(7) Among these 8, one is a NUS Professor who has declined to be interviewed. According to media reports, he was friends with the late husband of Madam Chung.

(8) Madam Yap – Friend of Madam Chung for over 50 years. Madam Yap is very upset that Madam Chung was being taken advantage of by PRC cheat Yang Yin. She has decided to step forward to help Madam Chung.

Despite the fact that Yang’s passport was impounded and he is now under formal investigation by several law enforcement agencies, PAP MP Intan Mokhtar, who is in charge of the area has remained silent throughout. It was previously reported by the media that alert neighbours of Madam Chung have warned their MP about Yang Yin’s dubious character but Yang remained as a grassroots leader.

It is unfortunate that uncaring MP who ignored warnings from the ground managed to get into parliament simply by tagging along other heavyweight PAP Ministers.

Brian Oh

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