Thank you SPF for doing such a swift and firm job in arresting the PRC cheat Yang Yin.

When I see the photo of that PRC scumbag getting cuffed and paraded to the police station, I felt so proud of our men in blue.

You look at the policeman face, so smug and so proud of himself after arresting this PRC cheat. Can see that he also cannot stand this scum and cant wait to throw him into Changi chalet. our MIB so fierce until never even give him wear shoe and just push him out of the door. respect SPF for this.

This PRC cheat go around trying to pretend to be useful in our community when behind everyone’s back he was sucking the riches off the poor widow sufferin from dementia. He join grassroot activity, act helpful to community hoping to increase his credibility, he call himself director of SCCCI hoping to be credible, he pretend that he has business dealing with respectable tour agencys when he have none.

All these Yang Yin do is to cheat the Singaporeans that he is credible and above board when he is a sly snake stealing money from old lady who trusts him.

Thank you SPF for catching him and I hope you will teach him a good lesson. Singapore do not welcome such snakes! Hope he wash his backside clean and go changi chalet very soon!!!

Ah Xiong

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