About 190 Chinese graduates of master’s degrees from Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University attended a convocation ceremony and received their diplomas in Beijing on Saturday.

This year, 360 Chinese students graduated from NTU’s seven master’s degree programs and a fellowship program, including Master of Science in Managerial Economics, Master of Public Administration, Master of Science in Financial Engineering, Master of Education, Master of Science Technopreneurship and Innovation Program.

About 50 of the 360 graduates are Chinese officials who received MME and MPA diplomas.

NTU has been holding convocations for its Chinese graduates in Chinese cities since 2006, and this is the first time the convocation was held in Beijing.

NTU President Professor´╝čBertil Andersson said at the ceremony that NTU, since 1992, has provided training to more than 16,000 Chinese senior officials in different areas, such as public administration, economic management, urban planning and the management of higher education institutions.

“This significant number reflects the Chinese government’s confidence in Singapore’s public policy administration and the quality and effectiveness of the university’s programs,” Andersson said.

“Today, our China-based graduates are growing into an important and influential group of decision makers with established ties with Singapore. Looking ahead, NTU remains firmly committed to fostering and maintaining strong ties with our alumni in China,” he said.

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