Dear All Singapore Stuff,

Please help me post this to warn others about this conman! I hope that no one else will get cheated by him in future.

The conman is Loy Chuang Yee, the director of renovation company Decor Creative Construction Pte Ltd.

I engaged him to do some home renovations since March this year but after making initial deposit and payments, he started to make lots of excuses and started delaying the work. 

He kept delaying and making excuses and in the end my home is not done at all, it is left looking like a construction site and he has not refunded me my money.

I have paid a total of over $19k in for initial deposit, advance on materials, advance on subcontractor fees and many other excuses Loy Chuang Yee fed us.

At first, after I complained and demanded a refund, he gave me a cheque for about $16k but when I took it to the bank on the same day, it bounced and couldn't be cashed.

I lodged a police report already but I want to warn others not to engage this scam company.


In total, he cheated 3 families already as far as we know. 

We know this because he also issued a false cheque to a carpenter who came to our houses on a few different occasions to do some work. 

The carpenter has called us to tell us that he would not be continuing the work at our house as he also received a bounced cheque from Loy Chuang Yee and had not been paid. 

We found out through him that there were another two families in the same situation as us.

From what I have been able to gather, Loy Chuang Yee has cheated me of over $19k for a job that is less than a quarter done and which has left my house a mess. 

A second family also paid over 31k for an incomplete job.

The third family also paid 5k deposit but Loy never started any work at all and has not refunded them. 

Here are just some of the excuses he uses to ask for money…

: His Dad is sick, He need money.
: He said He need the money to start ordering material.
: He needs money to open a bank account in order to draw out our cheque (bankloan) else He has no cash to buy material.

The excuses he gave for delaying work…

: sub-contractor ran away with his money.
: sub-contractor factory burned down.
: the lorry with our glass door is broken due to accident.
: someone passed away.
: he's Dad passed aways and He is in the funeral.
& all sort of funny excuses.

It is not only homeowners who have been conned, he also conned other contractors…

: supplier for cement. (Con-ed her $300+)
: another family (con-ed $400)
: carpenter received 16k bounced cheque.
: a Designer who helped him do the 3d drawings (con-ed $200+)

When I tried to go down to his company address this month, we found that it is no longer there since 6-8months ago as we checked with the current owner of the office.

Its really disgusting how there are people in Singapore out to cheat others of their hard-earned money.

To anyone considering doing renovation works, please avoid Loy Chuang Yee and Decor Creative Construction Pte Ltd. Make sure you triple check the renovators credibility, past work and offices.

Alex Yeo

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