BUY my used panties for $45 a pair. Better still, buy two pairs and also get a video showing me taking off the panties for you.

Her unusual move of promoting her used-underwear online business with a free “sexy video” got netizens talking about whether her actions are socially unacceptable or, worse, illegal.

Details of Felicia’s online business, along with pictures of her in her underwear, were posted on citizen journalism website Stomp on Dec 10. It has since attracted 110,000 views and 117 comments.

Felicia’s blog apparently surfaced in November when she first advertised the sale of an old pair of panties for $30.

On Dec 1, she raised the price of most of her used panties to $45, while older ones were priced slightly less.

Pocket money

Around the same time, she introduced her special offer of a free video clip with the purchase of two pairs of panties.

The blog, which shows a photo of a woman’s partially hidden face, describes Felicia as a 19-year-old Chinese Singaporean student.

She said she “started this blog as a way to earn pocket money and to pay for my school fees”.

Asking netizens to support her, Felicia posted pictures of herself wearing the panties put up for sale. Her face cannot be seen.

At the bottom of each picture is a description of the undies.

She said on her blog: “All panties will be worn for a minimum of 12 hours before sending to the buyer, though of course, I will try to entertain other requests.”

For those ordering two pairs, she was ready to throw in an extra perk: “It’ll be the same price, $45 each. The only difference is that if you buy two panties, you will get a video that proves I’m female.”

The New Paper was recently shown a 20-second video clip that had been e-mailed to a buyer. It showed a woman taking off her undies twice.

Like the pictures on the blog, her face cannot be seen.

She was nude at the end of the clip and there was a message saying it was for the buyer, courtesy of “Felicia”.

Two pairs of panties, which looked identical to the ones worn in the clip, were delivered to the person who showed us the clip.

As of yesterday, there were more than 170 replies on her blog. Some netizens asked Felicia for sexual services or her contact number.

Felicia, who said her parents were not aware of her business, declined these requests, but said she was willing to perform some sexual requests “off-camera” for those who buy her panties.

Judging from the number of items marked as “sold” on her blog, Felicia has sold about 16 pairs of panties.

Experts say the buyers may have a fetish that mental health practitioners call paraphilia, which is sexual arousal triggered by objects or situations.

And this fetish could escalate to something more perverse.

Of course, Felicia has her fair share of critics who called her nothing more than a sick person trying to make a fast buck.

One of those who had seen Felicia’s blog, Mr Sunil P, 31, said he felt disgusted.

“It’s morally wrong and most of all unhygienic to buy somebody’s used panties,” he said.


“This girl needs to be counselled. Same for those who seek this type of thrills.”

When The New Paper contacted Felicia via e-mail recently, she initially agreed to an interview but changed her mind later.

She said in an e-mail reply: “Due to the nature of my business, I can’t risk anyone finding out who I am.”

She could also be committing an offence as lawyers say her free video is clearly against the law because it shows her private parts.

Likewise, those who receive the video clip may be guilty of possessing obscene material, said Mr Josephus Tan, a criminal lawyer with Patrick Tan and Associates.

“You can sell used panties but once you flash your private parts in a video, it’s an offence under the Films Act,” he said.

Even if there is no nudity, a person can be charged if the act depicted is obscene or sexual in nature, Mr Tan added.

For reproducing an obscene film, Felicia can be fined up to $40,000 or jailed up to two years, or both.

Those who received her video can be fined $1,000 for each copy they possess or jailed up to a year, or both.

Lawyer S Balamurugan agreed that while Felicia’s panty business is not illegal, “there is no necessity for her to expose herself on video”.

“Most undergarment advertisements that we see do not depict models in an obscene manner. Going beyond that is undesirable to society,” he said.

But he added: “In today’s Internet age, it’s getting harder to draw the line on what’s considered acceptable or obscene.”

On Monday, Felicia announced on her blog that she has stopped giving free videos with her undies.

She said: “I’ve spent the last few days fretting about the legality of giving free videos to those who buy two or more panties and I’ve decided that I really do not want to spend my days worrying.”

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