Leaked: K Box Singapore database with more than 317,000 names

SINGAPORE: Personal details of more than 317,000 members of Karaoke entertainment operator K Box Singapore appear to have been leaked publicly.

At 4.17am on Tuesday morning (Sep 16), a group calling themselves The Knowns emailed links to the list of members’ details to several media outlets, including MediaCorp.

The list includes names of K Box members as well as their contact numbers, email addresses, NRIC numbers, dates of birth and marital status. It also includes K Box-specific data, such as membership numbers and “K Points” earned.

Channel NewsAsia has been able to verify the details of several of the individuals on the list. One member, who confirmed her details in the list were accurate, said that K Box has not yet contacted her about any leak.

“I’m a bit freaked out,” said the member, who asked to remain anonymous. “My main concern is that with those details, someone could sign me up for random stuff.”

Another member whose name was found on the list said he was “extremely concerned what other personal information got leaked” and that he was also worried if other companies’ databases had been hacked. He filed a police report reporting the leak on Tuesday afternoon.

The Police confirmed that the report has been lodged, and that they are looking into the matter.

K Box did not respond to phone or email queries from the media. A senior management staff at the company headquarters said the company had “no comment” on the issue.

Channel NewsAsia understands that the relevant government agencies are aware of the incident and are looking into it.

The group claiming responsibility for the leak said that it was in response to “the recent increase in toll at Woodlands”, saying that it was “an unnecessary financial burden on working Malaysians”.

“To show our displeasure, we are releasing the database of Kbox containing more than 300k personal details of its membership. We had done it before and will do it again.”

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