Undeniably, our loose immigration has brought in fakes from all over the world.

We just had Yang Yin from China who was granted PR and EP almost instantaneously when he claimed to have graduated from the prestigious Zhejiang University of China, a China Ivy League in the class of Fudan University and Shanghai Jiaotong University.

However his job was a tour guide in China and ICA valued him so much as a rare Foreign Talent. He went on to cheat a rich 87-year widow of $40 million of her assets.

Imagine the stupidity of ICA, a graduate from an Ivy Leage University whose occupation was a tour guide. Clearly something is wrong, his qualification got to be a fake.

Worst than that he even managed to infiltrate the PM’s AMK GRC as a grassroots leader and impersonated as a Director of the Singapore Chinese Chamber Of Commerce and Industry.

AMK Jalan Kayu MP Dr. Intan, Minister Grace Fu and even our PM LHL got deceived by him and got close and personal with this scoundrel as shown in pictures taken with this Yang Yin.

This is the tip of the iceberg and we may not know how many among the two and a half million scumbags we unwittingly brought in are fakes.

The real problem is that these fakes are taking away professional jobs from our well qualified and experienced Singaporeans who now have to become security guards, cleaners or taxi-drivers to eke out a living while the foreign fake talents are having a whale of a time here at our expense.

This is a serious problem for which the PAP must pay for in the coming GE.

I really salute the American West Virginia University, they managed to sniff out Anoop Shankar’s fake credentials in under a year in 2012 while our Duke/NUS Medical Faculty got conned by him since 2004 to 2012, a good long nine years. The system is totally broken.

The citizens have better wake up and do something in 2015/2016 to put a fix to this laxity in governance. Vote more oppositions in. That’s the only way out.

A Taxi Driver

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