Dear editor,

I am shocked by the boldness of PRC cheat Yang Yin after Chinese evening paper Wanbao showed that Yang tried to sell Madam Chung’s belongings on internet auctions. Those items are antiques, collectively worth tens of thousands or even more! According to media reports, Madam Chung and her late husband are well-known antique collectors.

I read yesterday’s Shin Min (14 September 2014) and I am horrified by heartlessness of PRC cheat Yang Yin. The report shared how Yang denied his relationship with his wife to Madam Chung despite bringing his wife from China to stay in Madam Chung’s bungalow. Why did Yang deny his relationship with his wife?

The newspaper report also revealed how Madam Chung and her best friend Madam Teo of more than 50 years had opened joint investment accounts but Madam Teo was shocked to discover the accounts were closed and the funds were all transferred out. When Madam Chung was aware of the matter, she issued a $150,000 cheque to compensate Madam Teo but the cheque bounced. In the affidavit filed by Yang, he denied that he is aware of these joint investment accounts.

Yang even accused Madam Teo of being a mistress to Madam Chung’s late husband in the court affidavit. Yang claimed he has photo evidence of Teo behaving initimately with the husband when the trio were in China. Madam Teo then openly shared what it seems to be the same photo – Madam Chung had instructed Madam Teo to hold on to the arms of her late husband because he suffered a stroke and he was unstable at times.

The report also informed readers that Madam Chung’s former maid was unhappy that Yang, his wife and their children will be the first to tuck into meals and ignored Madam Chung. They will only leave the leftovers to Madam Chung! To this, the maid would secretly reserve a portion of the freshly prepared meal and send it to Madam Chung without Yang’s knowledge.

Yang is such a horrible person but yet the PAP allowed him to be in the grassroot movement for years. This really reflects PAP’s poor judgement of character.

Brian Ho

[ Editor’s Note: Our reader Brian has earlier revealed that Madam Chung’s neighbours had already warned their PAP MP Dr Intan Mokhtar that Yang Yin is fishy but their warnings were ignored. If the caring MP Dr Intan has taken any actions earlier, do you think Madam Chung will be in such a plight? Link: ]

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