SG50 Special #47: Singapore’s Combat Veteran Daljit Singh

Hi Admin,

I hope you will let more Singaporeans know about this man call Daljit Singh. He is the former CO of 3SIR Bedok Camp and retired with rank of LTC.

People always complain say Singapore army have no experience fighting war and only know how to play with expensive toys but it is not true.

Because of our conflict last time with Indonesia, our last time soldiers were sent to deal with Indonesian commandos that infiltrated into Malaysia to do sabotage. LTC Daljit Singh was one of the few young lieutenant platoon commanders at the time.

After an incident where Indonesian commandos killed and mutilated the bodies of 9 men from 2SIR in Kota Tinggi, Daljit Singh and other troops were sent from Singapore into Malaysia to flush out these Indonesia commandos.

It took Daljit Singh and other brave men three months to hunt down these saboteurs and in total, they killed or captured a total of around 60 Indonesian commandos. Daljit Singh alone was credited for single-handedly killing 6 or 7 enemy combatants during this operation in Kota Tinggi.

Men like Daljit Singh are the true Singapore heroes that seldom get mention. We need to put these brave men in our history textbook and let our people be proud of their sacrifice and achievements. Please spread this info to Singaporeans.

Seng Huat

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