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Thank you for sharing the Chinese evening papers news of Ang Mo Kio GRC MP who had ignored the warnings of Madam Chung’s neighbours [Link: http://www.allsingaporestuff.com/article/neighbours-widow-weve-already-warned-our-mp-about-dubious-prc-tour-guide-yang-yin ].

Yesterday (12 September 2014) Chinese evening papers reported that the driver of Madam Chung who had worked for over 30 years was terminated after PRC cheat Yang Yin began calling the shots in the house, obviously taking full advantage of Madam Chung’s dementia.

The paper reported that Mr Mustafa had a very good working relationship with Madam Chung’s family for over 30 years. During this period, Mr Mustafa was hard working and he is willing to take additional responsibility such as being the caretaker of Madam Chung’s sprawling gardens. As a result, Mustafa was very well liked and had several pay increase over the years.

Madam Chung had treated Mustafa like her own family and she has always extend a helping hand to Mustafa’s family when they needed help.

But things spiral downwards after PRC cheat Yang Yin moved into Madam Chung’s house. Yang bossed around and often nitpicked on the slightest things and sought to change the ways things were being run in the house. Yang eventually fired Mustafa.

Mustafa’s family objected to the affidavit filed by Yang. In the court affidavit, Mustafa was accused of strangling and assaulting Yang. Mustafa’s family voiced their innocence and said that there was a communication barrier between Yang and Mustafa because both did not speak a common language. They had to communicate by using body gestures . It came as a shock to the Mustafa family when they found out that Yang had made wild accusations.

Up till now, the Mustafa family is still very concerned with Madam Chung’s well-being.

How did Yang get his PR status when he can’t even speak English? The MP for that area Dr Intan from the PAP has to bear some responsibility for Madam Chung’s plight because she ignored the warnings from Madam Chung’s neighbours and had allowed Yang to continue his role in the grassroots movement!

Brian Ho

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