MDA announced the "Not Allowed for All Ratings" classification for Tan Pin Pin's film "To Singapore, With Love" and it helped the film shoot from obscurity to instant stardom. MDA's aim of curtailing Singaporeans watching the film has either backfired spectacularly or did MDA do it on purpose? 
MDA should know full well that in this internet age of YouTube and other video sharing sites, censorship is impossible but yet it still banned public screenings of the film. Why? My guess is, it is simply to make a point and not really to stop the film from spreading. Even if MDA wanted to stop the film's distribution, they simply can't.  
By banning public screenings of the film, the Government is being an unforgiving father who is still unwilling to forgive the children who betrayed or hurt him many decades ago. 
According to this unforgiving Father, his exiled children were Communist or Communist helpers who tried to bring down the Government back in the day and till today refused to return and face investigation. 
An example is Mr. Tan Wah Piow who is featured in Pin Pin's film. These are all public information that can be found easily online
But from the Children's perspective, they believe they are innocent, they love Singapore and were forced into self-exile.
So who is right and who is wrong? How can this gap in position be bridged? Both sides insist they are right and neither side is willing to back down. The Government is not going to forgive and forget while the exiled are obviously not going to admit any wrongdoing. 
There will be no reconciliation on this matter unless something tangible is done.
Now that public attention on this matter is at its strongest, why don't these exiled individuals take the opportunity to reach out to the Government. Rather than tell their side of the story from exile, show Singaporeans your passion to return home and be the one to reach out.  
This is a good opportunity for both parties and if resolution can be reached, this may be the best present for Singapore's 50th birthday next year. Afterall, Singapore is a place for all of Singaporeans. If our lost Children truly yearn for home, there will always be a way for them to return and NOW is an opportune time to return and put things right.
Arjun C

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