A Chinese school boy spent two hours sitting on a narrow ledge beneath his bedroom window after he tried to avoid punishment from his mother when he refused to do his homework.

Xiao Kai climbed out the window of his family apartment building on the 11th floor ledge in Yibin city in Sichuan in Southwest China after he had an argument with his mother on Monday morning.

The 12-year-old boy refused to do his homework before the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations and wanted to sleep in longer as he had no school that day.

But Xiao locked himself in his bedroom during an argument and climbed out of his window while his mother went to get a key to open the door.

The student from Yibin Middle School was spotted by a security guard named Luo, who notified emergency services, according to Shanghaiist.

‘When we arrived at Xiao Kai’s home, his mother was worried about the kid’s safety, and tried a few times to drag him back to the house, but to no avail,’ Luo said.

Police were called to the scene but the little boy refused to go back inside and moved further away on the ledge when rescuers tried to reach him.

After two hours, Xiao was secured to a rope and pulled to safety by police after his mother promised to not ‘beat him for not doing his homework’, according to gbtimes.

A representative from the property management residential committee, known as Yang said the boy was afraid of his mother, according to Global Times.

‘We told him she was not right to beat a juvenile and police will take his mother away for questioning,’ Yang said.

‘Xiao Kai is a good yet introverted student. He was tired of suffering beatings from his mother.’

Police later took the mother into custody, according to Global Times.

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