Electronic chopsticks that can detect whether food is unsafe to eat have been unveiled by Chinese tech company Baidu.

The search giant said the utensils could detect unsanitary cooking oil – a common concern in the country.

At its annual conference in Beijing, Baidu also unveiled its own wearable headset, a rival to Google’s Glass.

The Baidu Eye has an in-built camera but no screen, and conveys information to the user via an earpiece or by connecting to a smartphone.

Both new products are as yet unavailable to consumers, and the company did not specify a date on which they would go on sale.

In a video promoting the new chopsticks, Baidu shows the device measuring the precise heat of various foods, as well as nutrients and sell-by date.

The sticks, which also include a sodium analyser to help users regulate their daily salt intake, can connect to any computer via wi-fi and Bluetooth.

“Chopsticks are the embodiment of Chinese wisdom,” a Baidu executive said. “And we have combined it with our advanced technology.”

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