In one of the grossest workplace behaviors in recent memory, a Minnesota man has been arrested after admitting he had frequently ejaculated into a colleague’s coffee mug, and onto her desk, because he found her attractive and wanted attention, according to police.

John Lind, 34, was charged with counts of felony sexual conduct over his genital emissions at Beisswenger’s hardware store in New Brighton, a suburb of Minneapolis.

A female employee contacted police last week to report Lind, manager of the plumbing and heating department, had left bodily fluids in her desk area.

She told investigators she found Lind standing over her desk with his hands over his genital area, according to a court document posted on the Smoking Gun website.

She later found stinky liquid on her desk and dripping onto the floor. She thought it was urine or semen, she told police.

The woman said her coffee had tasted bad for months, but she figured it was sour milk.

After speaking with police Lind admitted he had ejaculated into the employee’s coffee cup, and onto her desk, several times. He said he knew it was “gross and wrong” but he was attracted to the woman and was seeking her attention.

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