According to Channel News Asia , three foreigners hatched an elaborate plan – enter Singapore in style illegally, abduct a child then leave Singapore. Diapers and passport for the abductee were prepared.

They entered Singapore without clearance in a catamaran and docked at Raffles Marina Pier. Its shockingly lax security clearance is only available from 9am to 5pm.

Adam Christopher Whittington was jailed 16 weeks, Todd Allan Wilson and the child’s mother was jailed 10 weeks each.

Whittington, who holds British and Australian passport is the director of NGO Child Abduction Recovery International, an organisation that specialises in recovering abducted children  and he has extensive military & law enforcement experience.

Photo of Adam Christopher Whittington From Facebook

[Photo of Whittington, from Child Abduction Recovery International Facebook page ]


I am sure many commoners such as myself who are not trained in law are  surprised that Whittington and Wilson have seemingly managed to escape lightly considering the severity of the offences .

Perhaps the security lapse at Raffles Marina Pier is a factor that contributed to the (light) sentences because the state has a role to play in the breach? Or because the state do not want to deal with another cane-an-angmoh since it now involves a British national?

Our local press seems to be very subdued in their reporting of the case as well.

[Photo: ] Singapore’s famous human rights lawyer M Ravi has argued that caning is inhumane. In this photo, M Ravi was seen with with a team of foreign lawyers

So many unanswered questions but who dares to press for answers?

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