If a car or truck knocks down a pedestrian or cyclist, the driver is almost always presumed to have been negligent.

Driving these days can be nerve-racking. One has to look out for not only elderly pedestrians who sometimes cross the road without ensuring that it is safe to do so, but also cyclists who may suddenly whizz across pedestrian crossings.

Drivers have to also look out for skaters and motorised cyclists who sometimes even go against the flow of traffic.

When a driver knocks someone down, he too is traumatised and his family is affected. The accident may even cost him his livelihood.

The responsibility for road safety should be shared equally among all road users, not borne solely by drivers. Drivers and motorcyclists have to take road safety tests but other road users, who may endanger themselves or others, do not need to. I appeal to the Traffic Police to help make our roads safer for everyone, including drivers.

Angie Chew Monksfield

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