A press release supposedly by the Land Transport Authority about a five-fold increase in Causeway toll rates has been revealed to be a fake document, reported The Star.

The release, which was circulated on Facebook and WhatsApp on Friday, carried the LTA logo and included a detailed table on the supposed revision in tolls. It also claimed the changes would kick in on Sept 15.

An LTA spokesman said on Saturday that no such statement had been issued.

Expecting a change

People here and across the border have been expecting an announcement about an increase, which may be why the fake press release was taken seriously.

An LTA spokesman had said on Aug 1 that Singapore would match Johor’s new higher Causeway tolls “in the next few weeks”.

“As details of Malaysia’s toll revisions were not made known to Singapore earlier, LTA would need some time to operationalise the changes,” a spokesman said back then.

Revised toll rates

Cars entering Singapore through the Johor Baru​ Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Complex now pay a toll of RM9.70 (S$3.78), up from RM2.90.

Cars travelling from Johor to Singapore previously paid no tolls, but are now subjected to a toll of RM6.80 ($2.70).

Drivers of bus, goods vehicles and taxis also pay more at the Malaysia checkpoint.

The Star reported that Singapore authorities have started investigations into the fake press release.

Source: The Star

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