A Thankless Job

Last week PM Lee made a very public statement that Macpherson MP Tin Pei Ling has “won over the hearts and minds” of her residents through her hard work in her constituency.

Unfortunately the Prime Minister’s public praise of the junior Member of Parliament seems to have backfired. It’s resulted in a deluge of anti pap posts online. The posts all share the same common theme: The PAP should turn her ward into a SMC and see if she can win an election Macpherson on her own to truly prove that she’s indeed won over hearts and minds. No one seems to really care about all the real work Ms. Tin had done in the last three years.

Little Known Facts

Let’s be clear about something. It is a little acknowledged fact that Ms. Tin has worked hard to serve her residents since the G.E.

I think readers need to remember that Ms. Tin resigned from her position at Ernst and Young to devote herself to be a full time MP to serve the needs of her residents.

Not many people know that Ms. Tin’s Monday MPS sessions tend to run late into the night every Monday evening. Anyone and everyone who turns up wanting to speak with their MP are allowed the access their desire. No one is turned away and anyone who needs help receives it.

The physical changes that the Macpherson estate has gone through over the last three years have been nothing short of truly amazing. The estate, not just it’s CC, has been given a physical facelift that has rejuvenated it’s outward appearance. Macpherson no longer looks like a run down ghetto. It actually starting to look like a housing estate in a new town. Don’t believe me? Go see for yourself. See if you think that the Van Gogh mural and the newly refurbished park connector in Macpherson has brought new life and color into the aging Macpherson estate.

Ms. Tin has also stood up on the parliament floor to speak about issues relating to the needy and disenfranchised. She has spoken passionately about the need to destigmatize mental illness and asked the government to do more to help afflicted Singaporeans who struggle daily with mental illness.

I’m pretty sure that there are many other things that Ms. Tin has done behind the scenes to make a positive impact on the lives of her residents that we all don’t know about. Let’s face it. Being a MP is often a thankless job. Ms. Tin has wholeheartedly embraced her responsibilities to her constituents and worked hard to better their lives. It’s only fair that someone publicly acknowledges the diligence she’s put in. It’s just a little sad that it had to be the Prime Minister who said so instead of the cynics who still claim she’s still the same polarizing figure who fumbled her press debut over three years ago.

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