In recent weeks, there have been numerous sightings and reports of various people ‘doing their business’ in public around Singapore.

Many netizens have snapped photos of these incidents and posted them to citizen journalism website Stomp and on other social media platforms, and they have become a hot talking points online.

On Aug 27, a grandmother was spotted allowing her grandchild to urinate into a plastic bag at the OG store in People’s Park Complex, Chinatown. This had happened even though there were public toilets nearby.

Two days before, another such incident occurred near Bukit Panjang Plaza, when a woman allowed her child to urinate near a bus stop in full view of the busy traffic and passers-by.

On Aug 22, a 72 year old Singaporean man was caught relieving himself in public on a field near Jurong East MRT, while the day before an elderly man was spotted urinating and defecating into a drain behind Hotel 81 in Chinatown.

The recent spate of incidents began when a woman was seen by many passers-by squatting down and defecating near Holland Village MRT station on Aug 13.

It was subsequently reported that the woman was identified by police as a 34-year-old Singaporean, and was believed to be of an unsound mind.

Has all these shit activity been happening all these while or is Singapore becoming the new shit city of Asia after Hongkong?

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