Incensed that he hadn’t won the lottery, an unemployed man vented his anger by punching a mother and daughter who just happened to be nearby.

Gavin Khoo Theam Min, 37, was jailed for six weeks on Monday after pleading guilty to punching Madam Ho Sok Kan, 58, a telemarketer, and Ms Jessie Li Li Wen, 22, a student, at Clementi Avenue 3 on Aug 4.

The court heard that he had gone to NTUC FairPrice supermarket at Block 451 Clementi Avenue 3 that day to buy softdrinks.

After exiting the supermarket, he became angry as he found out that he had not won the 4D lottery the previous day.

He saw Madam Ho and her daughter and punched Madam Ho in the face, causing her to fall.

Ms Li chased and caught up with him near Block 449. Then he punched her on the left eye twice. Passers-by helped to detain him while Madam Ho called the police.

Khoo could have been jailed for up to two years and fined up to $5,000 for each charge.

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