SG50 Special #49: Madam Indranee Nadisen, the Superwoman Who Raised 45 Children In Singapore

Dear Editors of All Singapore Stuff,

Thank you for organizing your alternative SG50 series that allows us regular readers to nominate Singaporeans whom we think are deserving of a mention! In Singapore, the cost of living keeps increasing. This makes raising children an expensive undertaking which not many Singaporeans can afford. Most Singaporean parents stop at two children because anymore and we will not have the time, energy and resources to raise them well. If you are a parent, you can surely empathize with the challenges of raising a kid in Singapore.

It is these challenges that inspired me to write in and nominate this 74 year old Singaporean superwoman by the name of Indranee Elizabeth Nadisen for your SG50 Series. Not only does she have six children of her own, over the past 35 years, she fostered and cared for a total of 45 abandoned, abused or neglected children. Her selflessness and dedication to helping the under-privileged is beyond words.

While these 45 fostered children were under her care, she treated them no differently from her own children. She even favoured them over her biological children, such as when there were sweets in the house, she would let the foster children have the first pick. She explained to her own children that the foster children had no parents and so needed extra love.

Her love for these children was so strong that it became emotionally difficult for her to part with them. In an interview, she confessed that she had to lie to the child by saying she had to go to the toilet so that the child would let go of her, to let the child leave with their adoptive parents. 'From the toilet, I would hear the child screaming for me and my heart would hurt,' she said.

How many of us are able to open our hearts like Madam Indranee has and treat a stranger's child with such love and care?

I hope that Singaporean can pause our busy lives and pay attention to volunteers like Mdm Indranee who makes me extremely proud of be Singaporean.

For her efforts, Madam Indranee Nadisen currently holds the national record of having looked after the most number of foster children in Singapore. A few years back, Mdm Indranee was also recognised for her contributions with the Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer Award, the MCYS highest accolade to volunteers for their contribution to the less fortunate in Singapore.

For giving hope and changing the lives of these under-privileged children, don't you agree that Madam Indranee Nadisen is super deserving of a mention during Singapore's Golden Jubilee celebrations?

All Singapore Stuff's SG50 Series is a reader driven effort to celebrate 50 years of being Singaporean. Based on recommendations suggested by you our readers, for every week up till Singapore's 50th birthday, we will feature one Singaporean hero who has left an indelible mark on our Little Red Dot. Know of any deserving Singaporean that you believe must be featured? 
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