My husband, the sole breadwinner in the family, passed away unexpectedly when I was into my seventh month of pregnancy. It was a devastating period for my seven-year-old daughter and me.

Upon knowing our situation, my gynaecologist, Dr Adrian B. Woodworth from Thomson Women’s Clinic, waived his prescription and caesarean charges. He also approached the anaesthetist, Dr Yvonne Lim, and paediatrician, Dr Lillian Lim, and they also waived their charges before my delivery date, to ease my financial burden.

Dr Woodworth also put in a request to Thomson Medical Centre to upgrade me to a two-bed ward. Upon my discharge, I was even presented with a courtesy discount.

Up to now, my gynaecologist and paediatrician have not charged me for subsequent consultations.

This episode goes to show that not all private-sector doctors and hospitals are profit-driven.

I thank Thomson Medical Centre, Dr Woodworth, Dr Lillian Lim and Dr Yvonne Lim for their generosity and help. I also thank the nurses at Ward 48 of Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and Dr Simon Ong of the National Cancer Centre Singapore for attending to my husband and taking care of our emotional needs. They went the extra mile to help us through a very difficult period.

I am also grateful to Associate Professor Ong Hock Soo of SGH for taking time off to see my husband at such short notice, and converting our consultation fees to a subsidised rate.

Lee Chen Hoon (Madam)

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