SINGAPORE: Nicole Seah says her decision to leave the National Solidarity Party (NSP) was “extremely difficult” to make and “painful”, but says it is time to move on.

The opposition politician had earned quite a following, especially on social media, when she became the youngest candidate to contest in the 2011 General Election at age 24. She was NSP’s second assistant secretary-general, and represented NSP for a seat in Marine Parade GRC.

Ms Seah moved to Thailand earlier this year for a job in the advertising industry.

On Friday (Aug 29), she issued this statement on her decision to leave the party:

Leaving the NSP was an extremely difficult and painful decision to make, and there was nothing which might have happened to trigger this departure. I started in politics as a fresh graduate wanting to make a difference, by bringing more political awareness and interest to young people in the last couple of years. It’s reached a point where I feel that my job is done (for now) and I have to move on and grow in other areas, before I can continue to give back to the communities I choose to place myself in.

Singapore is always home, and what is far more crucial is for everyone to recognise that in everyone’s way, we just want the best for this country using the most productive channels possible. I do hope that there will be more constructive discussions taking place in public domains, that we will have a less biased state media, and that our political discourse as a nation continues to mature in the right direction.

I wish NSP all the best, and continue to hold its leadership and members in high regard. We continue to remain friends. For myself, this is not a complete departure from politics, as I continue to keep tabs on what is happening back home. I will just need to find a more suitable platform to contribute and give back.

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