Amazing twist of decision.

When Lee Kuan Yew was in charge, he say go take your degree then your post graduate. He added if you smart enough get a overseas scholarship and go. If you did not get any scholarship, then study local Uni NUS then go NTU to do post graduate.

Now Lee Hsien Loong say no need degree also can make it in life if you have the will, put in the hardwork and then gain the experience. I would like to agree with that but how true and how many companies practise this.

I wonder:

1. Is the government taking the lead here?

If really so then in the armed forces, should scrap the part where only A level and Poly student can become officers. Also scrap those Div 1 – Div 4 classifications. This is because a signed-on ITE uniformed person can gain 10 yrs of experience then become officer. Or perhaps a person in Div 4 can become Div 1 if he/she has obtained enough experience.

2. Is it because the Uni are filled with FT students?

When I study my degree already see so many FT students. But I was shocked that 90% are FTs when I was studying for my Post Grad.

3. It is difficult to get FTs a permit to work now with the clamp down. Is it because the workforce is shrinking so boh bian now must push the market with poly grads?

Just puzzled with their policies.


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