THE toll hikes have been bad news for Singapore motorists who travel frequently to Johor Baru (“Expect to pay total Causeway tolls of about $12.80”; Aug 2).

Malaysia increased its Causeway toll to raise money for the Eastern Dispersal Link. Singapore has said it would follow suit to match Malaysia’s toll charges.

For many years, Singapore has required Singapore cars going to Malaysia to have at least three-quarters of petrol in the tank. Enforcement has been difficult and relies on random checks.

Many Singaporeans have been tempted to cheat, and some have even installed devices to manipulate the fuel gauge.

Law-abiding citizens like me lose out.

Perhaps the Singapore authorities should remove the three-quarter tank ruling.

It is unlikely to cause much unhappiness across the Causeway as Singapore vehicles are restricted to buying the costlier and unsubsidised 97-octane petrol in JB.

A motorist who pumps 40 litres of petrol in JB can save as much as $30 if the three-quarter tank rule were removed. This will more than make up for the toll we need to pay.

The Singapore Government may lose some revenue from petroleum taxes, but will generate goodwill from JB businesses.

Lim Yao Ho

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