It was a narrow escape for Andy’s sister, who had her leg stuck between the platform gap at Serangoon MRT Station on Thursday morning (Aug 21).

The station was crowded and chaotic when the incident happened at around 7.40am, as the North-East Line had been disrupted due to a power fault.

Andy said his sister was accidentally pushed out of a train amid the frenzy, causing her right leg to become lodged in the platform gap.

Fortunately, a quick-witted commuter pulled her out before the train moved, resulting in her narrow escape.

Andy Said:

“A service disruption along the North-East line during the morning peak hour on Thursday (Aug 21).

“At about 7.40am, my sister was on a train and trapped in the crowd.

“In the midst of chaos, due to pushing and squeezing between commuters, her right leg — up to the upper thigh — was lodged in the gap between the platform and the train.

“Thankfully, a fellow commuter lent a helping hand and pulled her out before the train moved.

“Hence, I would like to express my gratitude towards this fellow passenger. It is his or her quick reaction that lead to my sister’s narrow escape.”

Andy’s sister leg was badly bruised from the incident. She has since visited the doctor and gone for an X-ray.

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