At one stroke of the pen, the Malaysian government has managed to reduce dramatically the perennial traffic congestion on the Causeway, the blight of cross-border travelers for the last 40 odd years. This is miraculous indeed.

The icing on the cake is that even with a spectacular fall in traffic volume, the Malaysian government is still raking in more revenue.

But the Singapore government, whose core value of greed is anathema to Singaporeans, can in the meantime only look on in envy.

You can rest assured it is going to match the JB toll hike as it vowed to since chasing after every cent is its obsession.

Malaysia boleh, we pun boleh (Malaysia can, we also can) will be its response. If not, SG government will lose out in the revenue stakes, never mind the financial impact on SG citizens.

For those willing to pay (and Singaporeans always pay and pay after all, so one more pay doesn’t matter), free-flowing traffic is a dream come through.

However, the vast majority demur and stay away from JB, no longer worthwhile most people would say.

This is the new normal now. Malaysia made noises about reviewing the JB toll hike but with money cascading into their coffers, what’s the hurry? Betul-kah (true or not)?

But SG government is in a hurry to match… any day now.

And that will be the last nail in JB’s coffin.

Malaysia boleh?

Jangan sombong lah; SG govt pun boleh (Don’t be proud, SG govt also can)!


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