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For some reason the ST is under-reporting the CHC trial. Many key and interesting details are not revealed. Most of the details are found here :

The most sensational day was yesterday and here’s the posting:

Summary for Kong Hee’s testimony on 18 Aug 2014

Mr Chew Eng Han (CEH) spent considerable time to query Kong Hee on the Irregularities surrounding the Multi-Purpose Account (MPA).

The unsuspecting donors to the MPA were 28 couples and a few individuals handpicked from the inner circle.

The donations were meant for evangelism through Sun’s concerts in Asia.

(Note : Our understanding is that the… donors’ list to MPA was later expanded to include 50 pastoral staff and other staff. They were told to tithe to a Man of God instead of the church or Building Fund)

CEH confronted Kong Hee and said he felt cheated by Kong Hee as Kong Hee presented a fake account on MPA in 2009.

CEH alleged that Kong Hee lied to the donors and proclaimed a lower figure collected than the actual amount donated.

CEH alleged that Kong Hee lied so that he could claim that the donations were not enough as Kong Hee urged the donors to give more.

Kong Hee countered that the amount he presented in 2009 was after paying Sun Ho $400,000 for royalties and salaries.

(In 2009, the average collection in MPA was $1.5mil-2mil.)

Kong Hee chided CEH that only CEH and his wife made an issue whereas other donors did not say they were disappointed.

Kong Hee further said it is CHC culture not to reveal details.

Kong insisted that MPA is meant not just for the purported crossover but also to cater for Kong Hee’s and Sun Ho’s livelihood.

Kong Hee also countered that MPA donors were the initiators on the donations and they were all willing donors.

CEH went on to show an email that CHC bought $1 million worth of Kong Hee’s products.

Kong Hee insisted that it was the board’s decision.

CEH went on to show evidence that Serina Wee used Hanafi’s company, (FIRNA) account to refund Kong and CEH sought to prove Kong engineered these financial transactions.

Kong insisted it was Wahju’s own initiative that he wanted to bless Kong Hee.

CEH said this is clearly another round-tripping which used CHC funds to purchase FIRNA bonds so as to channel funds to Kong Hee’s personal bank account.

Kong disagreed and said it was Wahju’s own initiative.

CEH then said the bonds are clean and it was what Kong Hee did with the money that made the bonds sham.

CEH wanted to show Kong Hee preached hard to get the money to pay for the penthouse at Sentosa Cove.

Kong Hee sought to show that he preached a lot on soliciting donations due to his love for mission work to reach out to the unsaved.

CEH rebutted that and said it was for Sentosa Cove and the evidence was in a 4.5hr recording.

CEH alleged that Kong Hee mentioned in the recording that he preached like “siao” because he needed to meet payments for the penthouse at Sentosa Cove.

(CEH wanted to use a 4.5 hour recording but the Judge stopped it as Edwin Tong and Tan Ye Peng’s lawyer objected to it repeatedly.)

CEH showed evidence that Serina Wee had Hanafi’s (FIRNA) bank account and Kong Hee had control on how to channel monies to Kong Hee’s personal bank account via FIRNA’s bank account.

Kong Hee denied and said he did not know how Serina Wee had access to Wahju’s company bank account.

But the email evidence showed Serina asking permission regarding some funds transfer via FIRNA to Kong Hee’s personal bank account.

Kong maintained that he was not sure why Serina Wee would have such access to Wajhu’s company’s bank account.

Edwin Tong objected as CEH moved on to show evidence that CHC KL was also used by Kong Hee for round tripping.

Kong insisted the refund via CHC KL was an independent action of CHC KL’s board.

CEH went on to talk about a confession letter where Jimmy Yim (the previous lawyer) wanted Kong Hee to take the rap.

Kong said he wanted to take the rap but didn’t in the end.

CEH insisted Kong Hee never had the intention to take the rap.

CEH also asked Kong Hee to present the confession letter.

CEH went on to ask about the CAD interview with Sun Ho and how Kong Hee lied that it was because of CAD investigations that Sun Ho could not continue with the release of the albums.

CEH said Sun Ho’s passport was returned back to her after they put up a bail of $500k with the court.

Kong insisted investigations by CAD was the reason they never continued the release of the albums.

The investigations gave them no morale to continue.

CEH went on to show evidence that Sun Ho knew that Xtron was bankrolled by CHC.

CEH showed emails that Sun Ho was in the loop.

Kong denied and said Sun Ho didn’t know.

CEH then showed the email but Kong Hee said Sun Ho might not have read.

(CEH said then I will ask her myself before the court…..)

CEH went on to ask if Kong gave to the Building Fund (BF) or gave tithes to CHC.

Kong replied he gave to MPA.

CEH asked if MPA was for his livelihood then how could he tithe to himself?

Kong said his tithe was used for crossover.

CEH asked Kong Hee that from 2005-2010 whether Kong Hee gave tithe to CHC or gave to Building Fund (BF).

Kong Hee said he gave to MPA, not tithe to CHC or Building Fund.

CEH then asked in year 2005-2010, there was one year where Kong went on stage and told the members that God spoke to him (Kong Hee) to up the donation amount and he instantly obeyed and changed the amount (on the cheque) on stage.

How come now Kong Hee say he never gave to the Building Fund?

CEH said Kong Hee was acting on stage.

Edwin Tong and Tan Ye Peng’s lawyer objected but the Judge ruled in favor of CEH and asked Kong Hee to answer the questions.

Kong said he never pledged any money at that moment but gave an offering, Edwin Tong objected on irrelevance…CEH insisted that what Kong Hee did on stage was an act because there is no record of Kong Hee’s pledge or offering (to the BF).

CEH moved on to say crossover is not church mission but Kong Hee’s and Sun Ho’s personal mission.

Kong insisted 2007,08,09 monies were needed for crossover So all his tithes and donations to building fund goes to MPA.

For crossover Kong Hee insisted that the money came from MPA and Kong Hee tithed to MPA.

CEH went on to say he didn’t have the same ulterior motives as Kong Hee and Tan Ye Peng.

When CEH helped them, he genuinely believed it was God’s mission.

CEH went on to show that Kong Hee hired private investigators before the CAD raid in June 2010.

They hired private investigators in March 2010 and they found out all the bloggers’ n forumers’ identities.

CEH showed blackberry messages that Sun Ho said: “Can we shut the mouths of all these haters? Can we take legal action against them?”

CEH moved on to show emails he sent to Kong Hee and Sun Ho, asking them not to worry about the bloggers and the truth will show we are clean.

CEH was trying to show that his state of mind was that he genuinely believed in the crossover project as mooted by Kong Hee.

The blackberry messages showed Sun Ho was pissed off by the bloggers.


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