LIM WEI: Every time the government gives us something, it takes back more. As people of this country, it is very sad that we have to be so suspicious every time the government announces “goodies” or things which are supposed to benefit the people. I’m talking about the recent announcement by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long that we will now be able to take out 20% of our CPF savings. As soon as that’s said, it’s accompanied by the announcement that CPF Minimum Sum will be raised next year to S$161,000. The government also keeps telling us to “cash in” on our homes for our retirement and downgrade.

Look, this is my money. I save up for many years so that I can use that money later on in life to support myself and my family, and live a life of at least some comfort. Now, you are telling me, Mr Lee, that I can only a small part of my savings, I have nothing much to give my family, and I have to downgrade in order to live in Singapore. Then, what’s the point of living here? I have only become more of a dependent and a burden to my family because your government’s policies.

Next I become more ashamed to be a burden to society, because the Pioneer Generation scheme looks like a welfare scheme, and the government has for so long been condemning people who have to survive on welfare. Now, I don’t have my savings, and I have to live with the stigma of being put on a “benefits” scheme. If it were you, Mr Lee, won’t you feel ashamed? I think your father, Senior Lee, would rather die than live like that.

We are all people. We all want some dignity and respect, to live on our own means. Your government has taken all that away from us. I will soon be reaching the retirement age. I think it’s better that I kill myself than to become a burden to my family, my country, and the younger generation.

*Redwire has called the writer of this letter to talk and offer him some counsel and kind words. We’ve advised him that there are many options he can look into and that suicide isn’t a good option at all. He’s right – as people, we all need our dignity and respect.

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