There is a new scam on Facebook offering free Nike vouchers that is meant to hijack Facebook accounts and spread malware by redirecting users to malicious websites.


Take note that there is no such giveaway from Nike and this will compromise the user’s Facebook account and computers.


An example of the landing page for this scam as follows:


Facebook Nike Voucher Scam Malware


The websites that are linked through this scam are extremely malicious and users are advised not to click on any of the links or visit any of the websites as offered through it.


Once compromised, the hijacked Facebook account will be used to further spread the spam post.  If you see the following or similar in your news feed, your friend(s) accounts may be compromised and you may wish to notify them:


Get a $250 Nike Voucher
Get Yours now!


If you believe that your account may have been compromised or if your computer may be infected by malware as such, do take the following actions:


  1. Change your Facebook password (under Facebook settings) and make sure to log out of all devices when you receive the prompt to do so.
  3. Check your App settings and look-out for unauthorized apps as these may be used to propagate spam posts.
  5. Update and run the Anti-virus & Anti-malware programs on your computer(s) to ensure that your devices are clear of malware.  If uncertain, contact your local I.T. professional to assist you in this matter.
  7. If there are any detected malware/ viruses on your device(s), it may be likely that your email accounts accessed on the devices may be compromised.  Do change the passwords and create the necessary 2-factor authentication via mobile SMS where applicable.

We hope you found this notice useful and share it with your friends to prevent them from falling prey to such scams.

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