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Dear Sir,

A Singapore PR from China is preventing neighbour from practising their Chinese folk religion right in front of their own house (incident happened on August 10, 2014 about 1420hrs).

A Permanent Resident from China, newly moved in and claiming to be owner of Block 8XXA, #xx-xxx Woodlands drive 50, shouted at our family to stop practising our religion prayer even right in front of our own house unit.

Our family has been living at our premises for close to 20 years and received no issue concerning our religion practise with any old or new local neighbours but an outsider from China being a permanent resident for some reasons, could have given some special rights to greatly insult and show utter disrespect toward our religion practise if not, he could not have the audacity to put up a strong disapproval and wanting our family to stop practising it immediately.

Also recently, in other incidents, this PR and his tenants from China constantly shouting right in front of our unit to stop our child from practising music related to school as an examinable subject. Beside in school and at home, we wonder where else can my child practise his music. And if our child fails his music subject, will the MOE allow the PR to take the music examination on our child’s behalf?

Whenever neighbours are talking along the corridor, the PR and his tenants will slam their door and sliding windows to demonstrate their dislike.

With much misfortune, our house is sandwiched between one new citizen and this PR. A few years back some young boys while running along the corridor, saw the new citizen naked at home. She felt shameful, mad and had forcefully grabbed, dragged and detained one of the Malay boys, and got away scot free without any punishments. Now, her whole unit is rented out to several PRCs and this just newly moved in PR, our family have to put up with their daily alcoholic drinking and smoking sessions as the stench constantly drifted over to our house.

Our family would like our PAP government/MND/MOE/MHA to explain in details what special rights did they empower to this permanent resident from China to prevent our family from practising our religion and shouting in front of our house unit to stop our child from practising his music.

Warm Regards,

Loh K S & Family
Hp: 9*** ****

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