Let me share one incident.

I was approaching Nex, walking towards the side entrance where there’s a manual 2 sided glass panel door. One needs to push or pull the doors to enter or exit.

On one side I was 2 steps away approaching ( entry ) the doors & on the side one PRC young couple was about 9 steps away ( exit ). As i reached & pulled one of the doors open , the PRC couple immediately chiong ( dash ) towards the open door ( with me still holding the door ). As & before I can enter , they immediately forced their way out & me aside.

I was blurred & stunned by their offensive actions for 2, 3 seconds while still holding the door. As I woke up & enter, i heard the couple talking & laughing at me as they walked away.

Weird, like that also want to makan ( or shiok ? ). Young, healthy & not missing any limbs also lazy to open door to exit on the other side. I don’t know them & can’t figure out where did I provoke them.

My mood was really spoiled for the rest of the day because of them.

Really du-lan.

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